AI Consultant

Molinare, a renowned film and broadcast post-production facility with 50 years of experience, is seeking an AI Consultant to join our team on a fixed-term contract for 3 months. This exciting opportunity involves working closely with stakeholders to develop an AI and ML strategy for Molinare.
As the AI Consultant, your primary responsibility will be to create a comprehensive report outlining how Molinare can effectively leverage AI technology. This will involve identifying specific functions or operations within our business that can be enhanced through AI implementation, aimed at improving efficiency and reliability. The report should outline the areas that would benefit from AI, estimate the requirement for an AI engineer, approximate the time needed for development, and forecast the revenue, savings, or other benefits that this advancement will generate.
Your key focus will be in two areas, although other potential areas may arise during the consultation process:
  1. Business analysis: Explore how Molinare can utilize AI analysis tools to interrogate our business data (CETA & Sage) and gain valuable insights to drive greater profitability.
  2. Post-production tools: Investigate how AI can be used to automate mundane and repetitive tasks currently performed by humans, or to offer new services to our clients. The ultimate goals are to minimize errors, expedite processes, gain a competitive advantage, and improve profitability.
In addition to AI tools, your recommendations can also include the use of non-AI tools, such as data visualization or charting tools, to effectively display and communicate the results generated by AI technologies.
To thrive in this role, you should possess strong experience in building and integrating AI solutions, along with a deep knowledge of machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and computer vision. Proficiency in programming languages like Python, Java, or C++ is essential, as is familiarity with cloud-based AI services and database technologies. Your ability to collaborate, innovate, and deliver results will make you a valuable asset to our team.
This is an exceptional opportunity to join Molinare, a well-established industry leader, and contribute to our growth and success by harnessing the power of AI. We are looking for a highly skilled and innovative individual who can develop a forward-thinking AI strategy that aligns with our business goals.
Join us at Molinare and be part of a team that pioneers groundbreaking advancements in the post production industry through AI technology. Apply now and contribute to our success story!

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