AI Engineer

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Join Hostinger, where we build world-class solutions for anyone to easily succeed online. Our team of 900 high-spirited professionals is behind the success of 2 million clients across 150 countries, helping them bring their e-shops, blogs, and talent-showcasing websites to life.
We're looking for an AI Engineer who will have the chance to work with international clients, gaining invaluable international experience. Your technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and creative mindset will be key in implementing AI-based solutions across our products and making a real impact at Hostinger. 
Sounds like a career opportunity you’ve been seeking? We’d love to hear more about your experience and aspirations.
What You Will Do:

  • Enhance products that serve millions of global clients and contribute to the company's exponential growth.
  • Create innovations in a company that is betting early on AI.
  • Collaborate with product teams to define and refine new prototypes and functionalities.
  • Stay updated with the latest developments in LLM (Large Language Models) and AI technologies, integrating them into our products as necessary.
  • Prototype new features and products using Generative AI.
  • Make prototypes that quickly prove the feasibility of solutions, using commercially available APIs and/or local Generative AI models.
  • Optimize prototypical solutions by getting them production-ready through prompt engineering, fine-tuning, etc.
  • Contribute to our company's goal of becoming a leading AI adoption company in the hosting market.
What We Expect:

  • Proven expertise in implementing Generative AI techniques, including prompt engineering, model fine-tuning, and embeddings for commercial use.
  • Experience with commercially available APIs (e.g., Google, Azure, OpenAI) for text/image generation, embeddings, function calling, fine-tuning, etc., and proficiency in fine-tuning prompts for high-quality outcomes.
  • Proficiency in deploying and optimizing open-source Generative AI models (e.g., LLaMA, Mistral), along with familiarity with related toolchains (e.g., Ollam, LangChain).
  • High curiosity to stay up to date with the state of the art of the fast-moving AI field.
  • Strong skills in Python programming.
  • At least 1-2 years of experience in LLM-related projects.
  • Capable of developing robust RESTful APIs and containerizing applications with Docker.
  • Knowledgeable in Linux and DevOps methodologies, including the use of Git, Jira, and Docker.
What We Offer:

  • A culture where everyone values the highest standards, freedom, and responsibility. 
  • Ability to take the lead and orchestrate changes together - no waiting line for your ideas and projects to become reality. 
  • Unlimited growth: Manager’s Academy, Coachhub, Reforge, Scribd learning tools, and invitations to the World’s best conferences.
  • (Exceptional)-being: active challenges, onsite & online fitness classes, and wellness workshops.
  • Hybrid work: combine modern office excitement in Kaunas and Vilnius with the comfort of working from home.
  • A health insurance package for your well-being. 
  • Gross salary 4000 - 6000 Eur.*

*Specific compensation is offered based on work experience, competence, and compliance with other job requirements.

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