AI Prompt Writer

Every month we are proud to be home to 300 million users around the world. Brainly’s knowledge base consists of hundreds of millions of Q&A content in more than 12 languages and covers a broad spectrum of educational subjects at different grades.

Our AI strategy and roadmap are investing more and more in our capacity to best exploit modern LLMs and build domain-specific layers around them. Being able to design and craft optimal prompts is fundamental for our success.

We would like to establish a Prompt Optimization team with a specific focus on tailoring and optimizing prompts for LLM-powered product features at Brainly.

The team will dedicate efforts to constantly researching and experimenting with the S-O-T-A and applying it to our business domain.

Thus, supporting production teams developing product features with LLMs, while the Prompt Optimization team figures out and optimizes the underlying prompts for improving the quality of generated answers and the corresponding user satisfaction.

You will impersonate the roles of the teachers and the students of our platform in order to instruct and assess our AI to behave according to their expectations and satisfy their learning goals.

You will have the chance to work with top-class data scientists, ML engineers, and domain experts, and to contribute to the R&D processes of our LLM-based product features.

The ideal candidate is a native (or very advanced) English (US) speaker, an expert in content writing, with a background in teaching and/or equivalent experience in education, and most importantly motivated to work full-time to master the art of prompt engineering.

Are you passionate about Generative AI, and you have creative problem-solving abilities, and an eye for detail?

Are you able to draw conclusions from data and propose recommendations?

Can you imagine yourself prototyping and testing suboptimal solutions?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, you might be a person we're looking for!

Are you a native English (US) speaker or are fluent in American English?

Then the fit couldn’t be better!

Please, note: No prior technical experience is required.


  • Rapidly craft new prompts, and optimize existing ones, for specific functionalities of Brainly’s product
  • e.g. Ginny, AI tutor, internal processes, and others
  • Develop a catalog of default prompts in the form of comprehensive templates or fragments and models parameters, ready-to-use for a variety of applications
  • e.g. question answering, personalization, classification, tagging, entity extraction, summarization, paraphrasing, text cleaning, ranking/comparison
  • Manage the end-to-end lifecycle of the prompts used in production using tools provided by technical members of the team or the corresponding Infrastructure team of the ML domain
  • Cohort and identify strengths and weaknesses of language models (off the shelf and proprietary), content characteristics, or users' intentions, and report insights related to opportunities for improvement, informing AI strategy and roadmap
  • Develop and execute human-in-the-loop quality assurance methodologies and procedures for the evaluation of LLM-generated content
  • Partner with and train the AI Operations team, and/or external freelancers, on quality assurance related to LLM-generated content


  • Native US English speaker, or alternatively, a holder of a US high school diploma or US college/university degree
  • Background or equivalent experience in education, teaching, or curriculum design
  • Educational domain knowledge to be able to rapidly assess the correctness and quality of generated answers
  • Ability to develop new evaluation methodologies to assess the quality of prompts in the Brainly educational domain
  • Motivation to focus full-time on developing hands-on experience and “get in syntony” with each model in order to learn/guess what to expect from each of them in each different context and prompt scenario before even trying
  • Familiarity with spreadsheets, notebooks, data labeling tools, data visualization tools, BI/ reporting tools, or similar


  • Experience with writing prompts for LLMs applications
  • Experience with analyzing and producing insights from digital product datasets using both qualitative and quantitative techniques
  • Experience writing and creating content (preferably in the Education industry)
  • Experience in content quality assurance or equivalent content operations


  • We want to see you grow along with us – you will have 800$ per year for personal development, extra time for attending conferences and workshops, and unlimited access to an online learning platform (courses from Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, Harvard ManageMentor, Busuu, and many others!)
  • Health is important, which is why at Brainly, we fully cover private health & dental care packages for you and your family and provide you with a sport card (Multisport Plus)
  • You will also get an access to online individual psychological consultations with professionals in English, Polish & Ukrainian via the Mental Health Helpline
  • Your personal concierge AskHenry will support you in your daily duties, eg. planning your dream vacation
  • You can join internal communities and contribute to charity, diversity and inclusion initiatives, take part in great internal events or represent Brainly at conferences or meet-ups
  • We also provide stock options

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