Consultant - AI & GPT

Overview of the Role

TeamEpic provides graduate tech talent programmes to global remote organizations. TeamEpic is a spin-out from tech publisher Packt, leveraging our expertise and network in professional engineering practice and innovative training and skill development approaches to successfully onboard graduate talent into remote engineering and data teams. We partner with organisations that want access to a globally competitive graduate engineer talent pipeline without having to take years to build the necessary in-house scale, expertise, and experience. 
TeamEpic’s first area of practice is in Data Science and Engineering, and we are seeking an experienced and highly skilled AI/GPT Mentor, you will play a crucial role in maximizing the success of graduates selected by clients from our initial training program and supporting their transition into client deployments.

Objectives and Accountability

1) Mentor learners in AI/GPT prompt engineering, providing guidance and expertise throughout their training and project development.
2) Help learners understand the fundamentals of prompt engineering and how it impacts the performance and behavior of AI/GPT models.
3) Assist in designing effective prompts that generate desired outputs and align with specific goals and objectives.
4) Teach learners advanced techniques for prompt optimization, such as refining prompt templates, leveraging context and conditioning, and fine-tuning model behavior.
5) Guide learners in understanding the nuances of AI/GPT prompt engineering, including the impact of prompt structure, wording, and formatting on model responses. 
6) Mentor learners 1:1 in the development of their projects during and after training.
7) Effectively communicate the progress and status of our skilled pool to external and internal stakeholders, emphasizing AI/GPT prompt engineering and data science expertise.
8) Stay updated with the latest advancements and research in AI/GPT prompt engineering, sharing relevant information and resources with learners. 
9) Assist in developing and improving the prompt engineering curriculum and learning materials for our talent development programs. Collaborate with the curriculum design team to integrate prompt engineering concepts into broader AI and data science curriculum tracks.
10) Stay informed about industry trends and developments in prompt engineering techniques and applications. 


  • Strong expertise in AI/GPT prompt engineering, LLMs, with a deep understanding of prompt design principles, optimization strategies, and best practices. 
  • Advanced knowledge of AI/GPT models, including their architecture, capabilities, and limitations. 
  • Proven experience in working with AI/GPT models and applying prompt engineering techniques in practical projects. 
  • Excellent programming skills, particularly in Python, and familiarity with relevant libraries and frameworks used in AI/GPT development. 
  • Solid understanding of natural language processing (NLP) concepts and techniques. 
  • Strong communication and mentoring skills, with the ability to convey complex concepts effectively to learners. 
  • Experience in training and mentoring individuals in AI/GPT prompt engineering or related fields is preferred. 
  • A passion for staying updated with the latest advancements in AI/GPT technologies and prompt engineering research. 

We recognize how important our people are and acknowledge and support the things that are important to them. We focus on the full team member's experience. We aim to create a positive working environment supporting personal and collective development – where our people can grow their skill sets, continuously challenge themselves, develop their careers, and work together as a team and with our customers.

We try to achieve this by:
  • Supporting individual development through growth opportunities and internal mobility.
  • Flexible hours: choose how, when, and where you work

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