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Data Scientist


  • Work on cutting edge Analytics & AI technologies in real world environments
  • Flexible work arrangements – work in a way that suits you best
  • Salary packaging – to suit your personal and financial circumstances

The Data Scientist will serve as a vital member of our team. You will be responsible for leveraging advanced analytical methods and generative algorithms to create synthetic data and derive actionable insights. This role offers a unique opportunity to work at the cutting-edge of Generative AI, alongside a multidisciplinary team including Data Engineers & Machine Learning Engineers and supports the Engineering Lead in the execution of the GenAI SDT program of work. 


What will your typical day look like?

  • Advising clients to help solve real-life business problems across diverse industries through use of data, cloud, analytics and AI technologies 
  • Performing “hands on” statistical and machine learning modelling, computations, and data engineering 
  • Involvement in identifying trends and innovation in deep learning, machine learning and related technologies 
Key Accountabilities: 

  • Analytical Modelling & Data Simulation: Utilise generative algorithms to create synthetic data sets for various modelling exercises, ensuring data integrity and relevance. Need to be responsible to support how we get ideas from prototype to scale quickly. Therefore, the ability not only to prototype but bring models into production is key
  • Data Analysis & Interpretation: Analyse complex data sets and provide actionable insights that align with business objectives
  • Research & Development: Stay abreast of emerging trends in Generative AI and contribute to the in-house knowledge base by actively participating in research initiatives
  • Collaboration & Communication: Collaborate with different departments to identify business needs and devise solutions, effectively communicating technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders
  • Ethical Considerations: Implement ethical guidelines in all data science projects, particularly those involving synthetic data, to ensure responsible and compliant data usage
  • Technical Leadership: Mentor junior data scientists and collaborate with the data engineering team to ensure seamless data pipeline integration for generative models. 

Key Skills: 

  • A minimum 5 years’ relevant work experience with data analytics, feature engineering and model development using market leading machine learning and deep learning techniques 
  • A Master's degree or PhD in Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, or a related field


  • Solid expertise in data science libraries and frameworks like Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, or PyTorch & strong command of programming languages such as Python or R
  • Experience with Big Data analytics, including Hadoop, Spark, graph analytics would be desirable
  • Fluency in data querying and manipulation using cloud-based SQL and NoSQL database technologies
  • Experience in utilising modern MLOps/DevOps approaches to manage and deploy models at scale on Azure (preferred), AWS or GCP. 
  • Generative AI Expertise: Practical experience in Generative AI techniques such as GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) or VAEs (Variational Autoencoders). utilising modern MLOps/DevOps approaches to manage and deploy models at scale on Azure (preferred), AWS or GCP
  • Statistical Analysis: Robust understanding of statistical methods and data modelling techniques
  • Communication Skills: Ability to articulate complex technical information to a diverse range of stakeholders. 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative mindset
  • Strong ethical grounding in data usage and AI implementation

Why Deloitte?  


At Deloitte, we focus our energy on interesting and impactful work. We’re always learning, innovating and setting the standard; making a positive difference to our clients and our society. We put coaching at the heart of what we do, helping our people grow their careers in any direction – whether it be up, moving into something new, or even moving across the world.  


We embrace diversity, equity and inclusion. We have a diverse collection of people from different backgrounds, with different experiences, gender identities, abilities and thinking styles. What binds us together is a shared commitment to value everyone’s perspective and to cultivate inclusion; so that our work environment is a safe space we can all belong.  


We prioritise flexibility and choice. At Deloitte, you get trust on Day 1. We know our people get their best work done when they’re in control of where and how they work, designing their work week around their client, team and personal commitments. 


We help you live and work well. To support your personal and professional life, we offer a range of perks and benefits, including retail discounts, wellbeing leave, paid volunteering days, twelve flexible working options, market-leading parental leave and return to work support package.  


Next Steps  

Sound like the sort of role for you? Apply now, we’d love to hear from you!  


By applying for this job, you’ll be assessed against the Deloitte Talent Standards. We’ve designed these standards so that you can grow in your career, and we can provide our clients with a consistent and exceptional Deloitte employee experience globally. The preferred candidate will be subject to background screening by Deloitte or by their external third-party provider. 

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