Senior Machine Learning Engineer

This role is accountable for the ongoing evolution, communication and creation of Generative AI strategy. At the same time driving the company's pilot use cases by building patterns and products, influencing and consulting stakeholders. The successful candidate will have a strong background in AI and machine learning, as well as experience in software development and engineering with a specific focus on LLM and Generative AI applications. He/she will be a core member of technical leadership team on Generative AI responsible for productionizing business cases short-listed by successful PoCs, as well as expending future pipeline.


  • Design Generative AI/LLM application solutions, with end-to-end accountability delivering innovative and effective products meeting stakeholders' and customers' demand.
  • Act as Generative AI thought leader, evangelist and SME in the bank as well as a trusted advisor to stakeholders.
  • Convert requirements into actionable product/service requirements that feed technology solutions development & influence service direction.
  • Accountable for ensuring the products & services are supported by the right architectures and solutions meeting customer needs.
  • Responsible for ensuring solutions are aligned with the platform architecture and roadmap, group standards and policies and the overall enterprise architecture for their function.
  • Stay up to date with the latest research and developments in LLM and Generative AI, and apply these insights to improve our solutions.
  • Design data pre-processing and integration pipelines for contextual embedding, with possibility fine tuning LLM models.
  • PoC on prompt engineering practices, design prompt exaction flow for LLM apps according to user requirement and technical constraints.
  • Liaise with other engineers, architects and business stakeholders to understand and drive the product or service's direction.
  • Establish a digital environment and automate processes to minimize variation and ensure predictable high-quality code and data.
  • Create technical test plans and records, including unit and integration tests, within automated test environments to ensure code quality. 
  • Guide performance and accuracy improvement of the Generative AI/LLM system through experimentation, testing, evaluation, and analysis.
  • Provide training and support to business users to help them effectively use the Generative AI/LLM solutions.
  • Ensure service resilience, service sustainability and recovery time objectives are met for all the software solutions delivered.
  • Provide support to DevOps teams working at all stages of a product or service release/change with a strong customer focus and end-to-end journeys, ensuring they have an excellent domain knowledge.
  • Working with Ops, Dev and Test Engineers to ensure operational issues (performance, operator intervention, alerting, design defect related issues, etc.) are identified and addressed at all stages of a product or service release/change.
  • Work with Ops Engineers to ensure operational issues (performance, operator intervention, alerting, design defect related issues, etc) are resolved and that any design related issues are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Keep up-to-date and have expertise on current tools, technologies and areas like cyber security and regulations pertaining to aspects like data privacy, consent, data residency etc. that are applicable.
  • Accountable for ensuring the design of the product solutions are cost effective and maintained through the agile development lifecycle, managing the flow of the backlog of design activities. 


  • Minimum 8 years’ hands on application design or solution architecture experience.
  • Strong solutions architecture and engineering hands-on experience with complex enterprise solutions, e.g. design for availability, scalability, operability, resilience, maintainability and ensure they can be implemented. 
  • End to end application architecture knowledge with focus on non-functional requirements that are critical in financial service applications.
  • Experience in producing architecture best practices, clear choice, guidelines and roadmap documents, as well as technical pattern and PoC. 
  • Familiar with cloud platforms, with experience on at least one cloud platform among Azure, GCP, AWS and Ali Cloud.
  • Familiar with programming, database technology and their relevant design patterns (e.g. Java/Python/Golang/Node.js/relational DB/NOSQL DB). INTERNAL
  • Capability of using and extending common open frameworks (e.g. Langchain, LlamaIndex, etc.), NLP algorithms/packages (e.g embedding, word2vec, NLTK, Gensim, spacy, etc.) with knowledge and/or experience on vector database.
  • Know-how of spinning up quick PoC environment on cloud, container, etc.
  • Experience managing delivery program over multiple workstreams.
  • Experience overseeing technology adoption from conception, design, development to production.
  • Hands on delivery of digital products in a large enterprise 
  • Fluent in speaking Mandarin, Cantonese and English
  • Good in Chinese and English writing
  • Previous working experience in financial or relevant industry is preferrable.

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