Senior Software Engineer - AI/ML



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Core Values:

Invisible Technologies is on a mission to redefine work through automation and human interaction, powered by our globally distributed team of Partners and Agents. We were a distributed team before it was a necessity, and we take pride in our transparent, effective communication to collaborate and take ownership as needed.

As a Senior Software Engineer, your job is to write excellent code and make careful system changes in coordination with your team to have a measurable impact on our business outcomes. In this role, you will partner directly with your team manager, product managers, and other stakeholders across the wider business to guide your team’s work. You will cut through system complexity and help your peers find their way past obstacles with autonomy. Your position among the engineers on your team will provide you with mentorship and leadership opportunities. 

As a member of our ML team, your work will be focused on improving our AI-powered process engine and other core parts of our client experience related to machine learning.



We believe in continuous learning and growth, and as a senior engineer, we expect you to foster this culture within the team. You will have the opportunity to mentor others and push the boundaries of what our platform can do.


Execution is key to our operations. We expect you to commit to delivery and effectively prioritize tasks to make sensible, expedient progress. As a senior member of your team, you will help remove obstacles to success for other engineers around you.

We are a remote team, so communication is crucial - announce what you will do, do it, then confirm when it's done.


The Technology

Our platform is Typescript and Python.

We’re avid users of NextJS, React, Django, Postgres, Kubernetes, and GraphQL.

We’re always eager to learn and try new technologies. Our ML team is continuously evaluating new AI models and integrating them into our platform.



  • You have significant experience developing applications in remote team environments. Our team spans the globe, and requires excellent communication and teamwork to succeed.
  • You are able to partner with Product Managers. You enjoy developing technical specifications to meet business objectives with complex scope. As a senior member of your team, you will help other engineers understand requirements.
  • You can analyze and author documentation. You will need to research and synthesize new technologies (model, frameworks, libraries, techniques), explain them to your team, and evangelize their usefulness in our platform on a regular basis.
  • You have strong experience with Python and AI/ML libraries (Pandas, LangChain, PyTorch, Keras, scikit-learn, etc.). You should be comfortable enough to weigh the pros and cons of each model, framework, and third-party integration, then incorporate your insights into code.
  • You understand the underlying theory and capabilities of widely-used machine learning models.
  • You have proven expertise in implementing, deploying, and monitoring machine learning models to solve real world problems (We deploy on GCP with Kubernetes). We have a platform team, but you should know enough about DevOps/MLOps to be able to operate your models in production.


  • Currently, we're looking to hire in North/South America to ensure reasonable overlap with our existing teams and stakeholders.

Working Schedule

  • The candidate should be available between 10am to 3pm EDT from Monday to Friday.


  • 2023: $105,000 annual base + annual bonus potential + generous equity!
  • Healthcare Benefits (or Stipend Option for Non - US Candidates)
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Work Remotely

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