Staff Data Scientist, GenAI and LLM Lead

Company Description

Locus Robotics is a leader in the rapidly growing eCommerce order fulfillment optimization space. Our solution helps warehouse owners attain 2-3X efficiency improvement over cart-picking operations, by empowering pickers to work collaboratively with our robots. All this is accomplished while integrating with the operator’s Warehouse Management System, utilizing and optimizing existing facility infrastructure.

Job Description

The GenAI & LLM Lead serves as a domain leader within the Locus AI & Data Sciences team and is focused on establishing customer use cases, orchestrating creation of related data pipelines, and building the team and resources required to implement APIs and SDKs to train, fine-tune, and access AI models at scale.  This role serves to build systems that will enable our users and their fleet of AMRs to work with Large-Language Models (LLMs) and Foundation Models (FMs) to optimize AMR and intralogistics operations. The focus includes close collaboration and leveraging of various other AI discipline including Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning.


  • Drive the development and deployment of LLM and GenAI enabled applications that enhance optimization of operations of fleets of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for Locus Robotics offerings and customers.
  • Collaborate in design and implementation of automated ML, RL, and GenAI/LLM/NLP pipelines for data preprocessing, query understanding and fleet optimization, enabling rapid experimentation and iteration.
  • Collaborate with product managers and cross-functional teams to drive GenAI/LLM initiatives that enable novel business strategies and product roadmaps.
  • Contribute to the broader AI and Data Sciences efforts within the company, including participation in the RL, Deep Learning and other AI efforts and projects that continue to enforce Locus Robotics’ position as the industry leader in the world of AMRs.

  • Ph.D. in computer science with a focus on AI and a track record of research papers and/or supervised projects in various AI & computer science areas, Statistics, Data Science, or similar technical disciplines.
  • 2+ years’ experience in leading research and/or innovative industry programs in AI and Data Science.
  • Deep understanding of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, RL, GenAI and LLM algorithms and models.
  • Good familiarity with two or more areas related to Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval/Comprehension, Machine Perception, Conversational AI, Reinforcement Learning, Knowledge Graphs and Design of Experiments.
  • Excellent programming skills using Python. Additional skills in C/C++ and R are a plus.
  • Experience deploying AI and Data Science solutions (Machine/Deep Learning and/or GenAI/LLM models) to production level compute environments.
Additional Information

Locus Robotics is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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