Abdul Munyeem Siddique

Intermediate / Mid Level

LLM Trainer , Prompt Engineer ,Software Engineer with a proficiency in Java , Python , C#, Go, C++, C, javascript , DSA (Data Structure and Algorithm) Software Engineer, Flutter App Developer

Role interests:

  • chatgpt
  • ai jobs
  • prompt engineering
  • Engineering
  • generative ai


  • java
  • python
  • javascript
  • mysql

Regional interests:

  • Remote/Anywhere
  • asia & pacific

Country interests:

  • No country interests added yet.


Experienced Software Engineer with 2+ years of expertise in Java Spring Boot web development. Proficient in building robust and scalable web applications. Skilled in full-stack development with expertise in backend development using Spring Boot framework. Strong understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA), implementing efficient algorithms to solve complex problems. Passionate about writing clean, maintainable code and continuously improving software performance. Excited to collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality solutions.

Job Types:

  • No job types added yet.