Avi Ziskind

Advanced / Senior Level

Principal Research Scientist in Computer Vision / AI

Role interests:

  • computer vision
  • deep learning
  • Research
  • generative ai
  • ml (machine learning)


  • python
  • pytorch
  • c++
  • tensorflow

Regional interests:

  • Remote/Anywhere

Country interests:

  • united states
  • Remote

    Remote only:

  • Yes


I am a Principal Research Scientist at Riverain Technologies with experience in Computer Vision and Deep Learning/AI, Biophysics and Computational Neuroscience. I have been a technical lead developer on a broad range of research topics ranging from visual processing (Navigation, Satellite image processing, Augmented Reality), audio processing (child speech detection), Reinforcement Learning (automatic behavior-tree generation), as well as more general machine-learning topics (Quantized Networks; Adversarial Attacks, Explainable AI, and Lifelong Learning), and brain-inspired computing. At Riverain Technologies, I am developing new AI techniques for detection of cancer in chest CT scans.

Job Types:

  • Full Time