Haris Pasic

Beginner / Entry Level

Versatile Software Developer | Expert in React, TypeScript, and Redux

Role interests:

  • chatgpt
  • Research
  • Product
  • generative ai
  • computer vision


  • reactjs
  • redux
  • typescript
  • javascript

Regional interests:

  • Remote/Anywhere

Country interests:

  • switzerland
  • france
  • germany
  • united states
  • united kingdom

    Remote only:

  • Yes


Excited about contributing my expertise wherever the journey takes me, I'm an accomplished Software Developer with a deep passion for innovation and project excellence. Over my two-year career, I've thrived in dynamic environments, collaborating with talented colleagues to deliver cutting-edge projects globally. Proficient in React, JavaScript, Redux, TypeScript, and Figma, I've positively impacted users across diverse countries. My extensive experience with large codebases uniquely equips me to handle complex tasks efficiently. Holding a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and completing a Full-stack Development program, I possess essential skills for web development. Genuinely enthusiastic about embracing new challenges, I'm ready to contribute my skills and collaborative spirit wherever I go. Looking forward to discussing my potential contributions in more detail.

Job Types:

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Contract