Keshvi Gupta

Beginner / Entry Level

Data Scientist | GenAI | LLM

Role interests:

  • data science
  • generative ai
  • ml (machine learning)
  • deep learning
  • ai jobs


  • python, sql, r, matlab
  • pytorch, scikit-learn, pyspark, opencv
  • aws, docker, tableau, excel, databricks
  • ml & ai, nlp, data mining, a/b testing

Regional interests:

  • No regional interests added yet.

Country interests:

  • united states


Hello there! 👋 I'm a data science professional with a passion for transforming raw data into actionable insights in the realm of Data Science.

In my professional journey, I've cultivated expertise in various areas:

- Image Classification: Adept at enabling computers to interpret images, bridging the gap between visual data and human understanding.
- Emotion Recognition: Yep, I've taught machines to understand feelings – it's like tech meets psychology!
- Object Detection: Leveraging advanced techniques to identify and locate objects within intricate datasets.
- Regression: Employing sophisticated statistical models to predict and guide strategic decision-making.

My exploration extends to the language domain:

- NLP (Natural Language Processing): Empowering machines to comprehend and communicate in human language.
- Generative AI: Crafting intelligent systems that not only analyze but also exhibit creative capabilities, pushing the boundaries of technological possibilities.

Currently, I'm actively engaged in the exploration of Large Language Models (LLM), aiming to redefine how we engage with and understand language.

Committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, I am eager to contribute my skills and passion for Data Science to a team equally dedicated to innovation.

Job Types:

  • Full Time