Matheus Masahiro Ishimoto

Intermediate / Mid Level

Data-Driven Strategist: Transforming Businesses with Technology and Insightful Analysis

Role interests:

  • Analyst
  • Product
  • prompt engineering
  • Big Data
  • Consulting


  • sql
  • tableau
  • data analysis
  • python

Regional interests:

  • Remote/Anywhere
  • South America

Country interests:

  • Brazil
  • Remote


In my professional journey, I have excelled as a multifaceted leader, blending expertise in analytics, product management, and marketing with a keen focus on customer experience. My entrepreneurial spirit, rooted in early work experience in a family business, has been pivotal in my success. As the Head of Growth at Mundo Invest, I demonstrated strategic acumen by notably reducing customer acquisition costs and spearheading innovative projects like an AI ChatBot. My tenure at Nubank and Khan Academy further honed my skills in user experience research and data product management, contributing significantly to user growth and anti-fraud initiatives. With a strong educational background in Business Administration and Civil Engineering from the University of São Paulo, I have developed a robust skill set in data analytics, strategic analysis, and cross-functional team leadership, always with an eye toward social impact and meaningful change.

Job Types:

  • Contract
  • Full Time
  • Temporary