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Muhammad Anas

Beginner / Entry Level

Data Scientist/ Developer

Role interests:

  • data science
  • generative ai
  • NLP
  • ml (machine learning)


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Hi, my name is Muhammad Anas. I am a 2021 graduate with a BS in IT. During my graduation I was working with the National Center of Artificial Intelligence and  before my graduation I secured a job in a company Contour Software, where I worked for Jonas Constructions, a document management system as a full stack developer. I quit the job after getting admission in Masters in data science and started working as a freelancer. I have been utilizing Python for over three years, with two years of professional experience and an additional year spent building personal projects. I have collaborated with individuals from various countries, but have yet to work on a team larger than seven developers. I possess excellent communication skills, enabling me to effectively comprehend project requirements and deliver quality code within deadlines. My areas of expertise include Backend, Database, and Data Science.

Job Types:

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