Satya Sworoop Dash

Advanced / Senior Level

Senior Software Engineer | Prompt Engineer | Python | LLMs | NLP | C++ | DSA | US Healthcare

Role interests:

  • prompt engineering
  • chatgpt
  • deep learning
  • ml (machine learning)
  • NLP


  • python
  • prompt engineering
  • large language models
  • natural language processing

Regional interests:

  • Remote/Anywhere

Country interests:

  • Remote

    Remote only:

  • Yes


 Versatile Software Engineer 9+ years of experience in the Healthcare and Telecom sectors, now focused on the cutting-edge fields of Prompt Engineering and Generative AI. My expertise extends across C++, Python, STL, Data Structures, Algorithms, Unix, and SQL, enriched by a deep proficiency in Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, custom GPT models, BERT, Azure and Natural Language Processing (NLP). I have a solid track record of leveraging AI, NLP on cloud technologies to innovate healthcare products, consistently delivering solutions that blend technical sophistication with practical application. As a professional committed to the advancement of AI, I am eager to contribute my diverse skills to develop impactful, forward-thinking solutions in the dynamic landscape of global technology. 

Job Types:

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Contract
  • Freelance
  • Temporary