Sergei Fudim

Advanced / Senior Level

Prompt Engineer and Software Development Guru

Role interests:

  • prompt engineering
  • chatgpt
  • architecture
  • Engineering
  • Consulting


  • python
  • javascript
  • typescript
  • prompt engineering

Regional interests:

  • europe
  • Middle East

Country interests:

  • Remote
  • Israel

    Remote only:

  • Yes


Finally ! A Senior Software Engineer with a specialized focus on Prompt Engineering for LLM technologies, including ChatGPT. My unique combination of skills allows me to expertly navigate and optimize software architecture, CI/CD pipelines, and DevOps practices, ensuring cost-effective solutions and efficient team management.

With a strong practical background in LLM and a strategic approach to prompt engineering, I excel in enhancing system performance and streamlining workflows. I am adept at applying my senior-level programming expertise to advance prompt engineering fields, driving significant improvements across software development lifecycles.

I am eager to contribute to your project and look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my experience can serve your team's needs.

Job Types:

  • Part Time
  • Contract
  • Temporary
  • Freelance