Vincent Gabriel Mamuyac

Intermediate / Mid Level

Data Annotator

Role interests:

  • chatgpt
  • ai jobs
  • Analyst
  • Leadership


  • chatgpt
  • english proficiency (c2)
  • image annotation
  • video annotation

Regional interests:

  • Remote/Anywhere
  • asia & pacific
  • North America
  • South America

Country interests:

  • Remote

    Remote only:

  • Yes


With a solid background in data annotation, quality assurance, and search relevance annotation, I offer a unique blend of skills and expertise. Additionally, possessing a C2 level of English proficiency, I excel in copywriting, video, image, and English annotation. My meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensure accurate and efficient project completion. Furthermore, my strong communication skills facilitate seamless collaboration within teams. With a proven track record of delivering reliable results, I am equipped to tackle diverse challenges effectively. Whether it's ensuring data accuracy, optimizing search relevance, or crafting compelling copy, I bring a dedicated approach to every task. Employing a combination of expertise and precision, I consistently meet project objectives and exceed expectations. As such, I am a valuable asset for any team seeking dependable performance and high-quality outcomes.

Job Types:

  • Full Time
  • Freelance
  • Part Time