Benicio Morales

Python AI Developer & ChatGPT Expert

Role interests:

  • machine learning engineer


  • python
  • java
  • sql
  • chatgpt

Regional interests:

  • No regional interests added yet.

Country interests:

  • united states


My name is Benicio Morales, and my journey within computer science and software development is one that defies traditional paths, blending formal education with a robust self-taught approach, demonstrating not only my skills in the domain but also a relentless passion and an autonomous learning capability.

My formal education in Computer Science at the University of South Dakota was just the spark. After a year and a half, I pivoted towards a self-driven learning journey, ardently exploring and mastering programming languages including Python, SQL, and Java. During this time, ChatGPT was conceived allowing me to learn twice as fast, as well as develop my dream projects in exceptional time. This path has enabled me to delve into various aspects and applications of software development, from understanding algorithms and data structures to implementing practical solutions and applications.

My self-taught journey was not limited to theoretical knowledge but extended into practical application, exploring problem-solving, and developing solutions across various projects. From building applications, managing databases, to implementing algorithms, my autonomous exploration into software development has been both extensive and intensive. While my path has been somewhat non-traditional, it has been marked by a drive and commitment that has seen me not just consume knowledge but apply it in tangible and impactful ways. 

Job Types:

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