Srikumar Subramaniam

Computer Vision and ML Enthusiast, seeking to build cost-effective AI, including for Humanity in Life Sciences and Climate Change

Role interests:

  • computer vision engineer


  • python
  • computer vision
  • neural networks
  • plm

Regional interests:

  • No regional interests added yet.

Country interests:

  • india


I am driven towards cost-effective AI, which will be reliable and intertwined with existing knowledge repositories. 

In the last few years, I have used OpenCV for Image Processing, Detection, and Segmentation Applications in Python. I look forward to developing AI algorithms, including for Life Sciences and Climate Change applications. I plan to build up my knowledge of neural networks to create models that will not be resource-crunching, whether human or computational. My two decades of Industry experience in facing and dealing with real problems in the field will help me handle the challenges that lie ahead. I will cherish working with multi-disciplinary teams of Researchers and field experts towards sustainable and cost-effective deployment of the AI models, which will be vital for persisting and scaling up future AI applications.

Job Types:

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