Founding Engineer (AI & Full Stack)

Who We Are: Move AI

We're on a quest to transform the archaic landscape of working with small businesses, infusing them with state-of-the-art AI. That's a big problem, so we're focusing on the moving industry first and building not just a button-click service, but a full-on, AI-driven moving companion. It's time the moving industry got a tech makeover, and we're the team to do it. We've raised $1.2m from top-tier VCs to hire a team of 3 and we hope you're one of them.

Who You Are: The Engineer of Our Dreams

You love to code. You consider yourself an artisan. Your GitHub is alive, your obsession for breaking cross-functional boundaries is clear. You see a Figma design and your fingers itch to turn it into functional art. Your neurodiversity isn't a quirk—it's your superpower, driving you to innovate where others stagnate.

Why You Should Care

  • Ownership: You're not just a developer; you're a stakeholder. You’ll collaborate in our intense journey towards a game-changing MVP.

  • Diverse Challenges: From prompt chaining with OpenAI to serverless workflows with Inngest, your skill set will be put to the test daily.

  • AI-First Tooling: Our stack leans heavily on next-gen tech like Vercel for cloud computing, Pinecone for vector databases, and Supabase or similar for a robust back end.

What We Aren’t Looking For

  • Comfort-zone dwellers.

  • Someone who has only worked at large companies.

  • Newbies and 9-5ers.

  • H1B or those seeking visa sponsorship.

  • Anybody not in the San Francisco Bay Area

Ideal Candidate

  • Can point to something exceptional in their background (top school, great companies, experience creating amazingly well-designed or popular products from scratch).

  • Is willing to bet on themselves by taking an equity-heavy and limited salary comp package until we raise a subsequent seed round after we ship the MVP.

Qualifications: The Deal-breakers

  • AI-First Stack: Proficiency with GPT-4, prompt chaining, Pinecone, and other cutting-edge AI tech. There is also a computer vision component we need to solve after the MVP ships.

  • Front-to-Back Skills: Full stack experience, with specific expertise in TypeScript, Python, and databases like Supabase.

  • Cloud Computing: Versed in modern platforms like Vercel over traditional behemoths like AWS or GCP.

  • DevOps & Workflow: Familiar with serverless orchestration via tools like Inngest.

  • Leadership: Experience managing small teams, particularly in an early-stage startup environment.

Additional Must-haves

  • Agile & Communication: Your agile mindset isn’t just for development; it extends to clear articulation of technical hurdles to non-techies.

  • Risk & Resilience: Comfortable in ambiguity and resilient to the startup grind.

  • Operational Efficiency: Adept at using project management tools like Jira or Asana.

  • Compensation: Equity over salary; you're in it for the long haul.

Culture at Move AI

We're a small, razor-focused team. No hierarchies, no red tape. Just a collaborative space where your innovative ideas won’t just be heard; they'll be zealously implemented.

If you've read this far, you’re probably the one we've been looking for. Reach out. Let’s make moving suck less, together.

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