Nefertiti is hiring a Software Engineer (Generative AI)

Nefertiti is a data analytics platform for Non-fungible tokens (NFT) that helps investors, collectors, and traders optimize their digital-asset portfolios and identify new opportunities in the market. We are developing a new AI products which utilised Stable Diffusion Technology.
You will work closely with our Engineering team to both define and implement our strategic vision.

Responsibilities & Requirements
  • Responsible for multiple internal back-end projects
  • Strong Python skills, including Pandas
  • Solid Foundation of programming, algorithms, and computer basics, good coding style, strong hands-on ability
  • Familiar with Stable Diffusion
  • Development and deployment of ETL, data engineering, APIs, and scraping
  • Database: SQL, NoSQL (MongoDB), ORM
  • Basic DevOps with experience in AWS
  • Familiar with git, have experience with CI/CD
  • Familiar with Linux
  • Familiar with Docker
  • Bonus: Machine Learning, Statistics, Deep Learning
  • Bonus: Graph theory

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