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Embark on a journey through the forefront of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Science career opportunities. Our curated listings are specifically tailored for experts in ai design, with the most current openings updated for June 2024. Expand your horizons and pinpoint your ideal position using our advanced job search platform, equipped with detailed filters to align with your professional skills and aspirations.


Digital First AI

UX/UI Designer (SaaS, Generative AI)

  • AI Design
  • remote
  • No skills listed.

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Taylor Campbell

Junior Software Engineer

Beginner / Entry Level
Role Interests:
  • Engineering
  • ai jobs
  • ml (machine learning)
  • generative ai
  • prompt engineering
  • docker
  • mongodb
  • vs code
  • typescript
  • python
  • latex
  • html
  • unix
  • frontend copy.webp

Narek Vardanyan

AI | Vision | LLM | LangChain | GHL | VoiceAI | Python | GCP | AWS

Advanced / Senior Level
Role Interests:
  • computer vision
  • ai jobs
  • NLP
  • chatgpt
  • AI Marketing
  • python
  • artificial intelligence
  • computer vision
  • gcp
  • aws
  • image processing
  • data science
  • llm
  • rag
  • langchain
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